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June 2017

Photo of Monzo card used to pay abroad
Save Money

Cheaper holidays with Monzo’s no-fee pre-paid card

****With the introduction of the Monzo current account, sign up for the pre-paid card has been suspended from 13th October 2017**** If you are going abroad this summer, this review of Monzo is for you! I’ve just got back from an amazing long weekend…

June 29, 2017
App on smartphone
Personal Finance

My five favourite apps for an easy life

In 2000, I had a Nokia 3310 and could only make phone calls or text! This was the year I went to a presentation on a new phone launch whilst I worked at Motorola. A phone that would have an integrated camera! Oh, how…

June 21, 2017
Family Lifestyle

Fire And Gas Safety – Make It Front Of Mind

I can’t bring myself to read any more accounts of the fire devastation at Grenfell Tower. It’s utterly heartbreaking and frightening to know quite how quickly everything unfolded. Being a parent and having to face the choices some of those parents faced doesn’t bare…

June 15, 2017
Family Lifestyle

Father’s Day – homemade with love

Are you looking for homemade fathers day craft ideas? With Father’s Day this weekend, endless craft projects have a purpose! Plus, we love a homemade and thoughtful pressie over a shop bought one every day of the week so it’s a win, win… Mini…

June 13, 2017