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September 2017

Personal Finance

UK Money Bloggers – Show Me The Money!

What a weekend! I am just coming down to earth from a whirlwind cross country tour of two incredible blogging events. I have learnt SO much, got so many new contacts, come away with a ton of goodies and made some amazing new ‘blog…

September 29, 2017
why I've gone back to eBay
Making money

Why I’ve gone back to eBay

I’ve long been a fan of selling on our pre-loved clothes. Decluttering is so therapeutic – I love having our biannual wardrobe shake up. Sorting different orange sacks with bits to go to charity which have had their day and bits to sell on…

September 26, 2017
30 hours free
Parenting & Money

The lie that is ’30 hours free childcare’

The last few months in the childcare sector have been dominated by the words ’30 hours’. Across the country, the ‘dirty 30’, as it has been nicknamed by those of us in the industry, has caused countless sleepless nights for many. It has necessitated…

September 4, 2017