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November 2017

Black Friday top tips and tricks
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Black Friday top tips and tricks

Black Friday is an American import and it’s getting bigger and bigger in popularity each year. Typically the Friday following Thanksgiving in the USA, it marks the start of the Christmas shopping bonanza. With great deals and discounts to be had, retailers encourage their…

November 21, 2017
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Christmas gift guide : practical presents for Mums

It’s that time of the year…. Christmas present planning and buying is in full swing! This year I’ve asked for recommendations for ideas for practical presents for Mums to give me some inspiration and I’ve had some great responses. So if you’re on the…

November 20, 2017
Free shopping bags
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Want free shopping? Try my Zeek hack

I use Zeek, the gift voucher marketplace, to get the most out of the places I shop at regularly. I also visit to see what’s on offer when I have a big purchase to make. The concept behind Zeek is so simple and can…

November 14, 2017
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How to find the best voucher codes without looking

How many times have you bought something at full price only for a well meaning friend or family member to tell you that you could have used a voucher code they know about to get money off? Frustrating hey?! This is usually me! I have…

November 7, 2017
Writing will in to trust
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Should I write life insurance in to trust?

Should you write life insurance in to trust? Ensuring your family’s financial future is something important to plan for. Arranging your life insurance in the best possible way to maximise the benefits for those you leave behind is a vital consideration. I briefly mentioned…

November 3, 2017