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Money Personality Power Hour


Unlocking the root cause of your attitude towards money and why you behave in a certain way is the key to being able to move forward

Let’s uncover your MONEY PERSONALITY

Here’s what you get from a ‘Money Personality Power Hour’ session with me.

  • A Money Habitudes (TM) assessment; you will complete this online in advance of our call. This generates a detailed, 20+ page report for you to keep and gives you a powerful understanding of your money personality
  • A 1 hour call with me via Zoom where we will break down the results of your money personality assessment and power through actionable steps for you to take away and get working on right away
  • My bespoke tools to facilitate your progress, if required
  • A sense of relief as you understand why you’ve found it so hard to move forward with your money-related issues in the past!