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i want to support women, within a collective, to build solid foundations which enable them to build a good relationship with money and grow their wealth in a way that suits them


 Back in 2008, I started investing in shares. I fully admit that I wasn’t clued up so it was a baptism of fire; I made a fair few mistakes as I had no one to lean on with my questions. 

Podcasts weren’t plentiful like they are now and the books on understanding personal finance were DRY! More importantly, I didn’t know any other women doing what I was doing, and felt too intimidated to ask the men I knew who did.  

Since then I’ve invested in property, started a business and now have various different sources of income; all of which are helping me on my journey towards financial independence i.e. not having to trade my time for money and choosing whether I want to ‘work’.

So the idea behind The Money Lounge was born from my own experiences.

When I started working in financial education, I didn't want to just help women, because better money management and wealth generation is relevant to everyone.

money is genderless

However, there are significant gender stereotypes in the world of finance. Not only is it male-dominated but the language used targets men and and women differently. Men are portrayed as the wealth builders, women are the savers.

In reality, men aren't typically any more educated in making financial decisions but women tend to get bogged down in the detail and jargon which can stop them taking action.

With women expected to live almost 5 years longer than men, and with the gender pay and pensions gaps still marked, we need to be confident around making good choices for what we do with our money.

With the right education and opportunities, women lift up entire communities. I see empowering women to build strong financial foundations as hugely important for our society at large. Women also tend to pay their good fortune forward, and I know that by helping more women now, indirectly I am helping future generations as well.



Here's what you'll get

join our lively community

Our community is a great group of women and action takers. 

We have had members pay off significant chunks of debt, start building their emergency funds, uncover beliefs which they didn’t realise were impacting their relationships with money, start investing and consolidate pensions so they know what their financial future looks like. 

Register today and pay £15 a month afterwards which will be locked in for as long as you stay a member.

THE MONEY LOUNGE is for everyone regardless of where you are at in the journey right now

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emma maslin financial coach

Why join me?

I’m Emma Maslin, certified financial coach and founder of award-winning personal finance education website The Money Whisperer

Money wasn’t a topic we studied at school and yet the decisions around how we make it, what we spend it on and how we manage our money can literally change our lives. 

I am fascinated by the psychology of money and why we behave in the way that we do. I want to see more women breaking down those limiting beliefs that they have around making and holding on to money (you have them even if you aren’t aware of it), and putting in to action a plan to achieve their own version of financial success. 

Success starts with taking the very first step… let this community be that first step.


Join our collective of like minded women today

Join us as we shape this community into THE place to break the taboos around women and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you join as a monthly member, you can cancel at any time. Your membership will remain valid through to the end of the period you have paid for. 

If you join as an annual member, should you choose to cancel, your membership will remain valid through to the end of 12 months paid for.

If you join the 3 day trial, you can cancel at any time during that period. If you do not cancel, you will move on to the monthly membership and can again, cancel any time you wish. 

We use Stripe (a payment portal similar to Paypal) which sets up recurring card payments. Your membership subscription payments will show as a card purchase each month/year.

We have a huge programme of guest speakers lined up for the next 6 months – you can ask for a particular topic if there is something that interests you. 

As well as guest speakers, the content I add to the membership in the form of Facebook Lives and Zoom trainings will help you to:

– understand and improve your habits and behaviours around money

– streamline and automate your processes so becoming wealthy isn’t reliant on conscious decisions

– set financial goals which are aligned with what you want out of life

– put a figure to those goals – do you really know how much your ideal life is going to cost you?

– break those goals down in to small steps

– track your progress and review against your goals

You can expect various media, including pre-recorded video, printable/digital worksheets, live group video Zoom calls with both me and industry experts, as well as Facebook live video within the private member community. 

All live sessions – either group calls or expert workshops/seminars – will be recorded and uploaded to the membership dashboard which you will have access to once your first payment has been collected, and for as long as you are a registered and paid up member. You can watch any of the sessions available there at any time you wish whilst you are a member.

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