• What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

    what happens if i die without a will

    Death and writing a will are not things I think about on a regular basis. Luckily. But it amazes me when I read requests for will writing recommendations on parenting forums. Mainly because these requests appear frequently. If you are a parent, well if you are anyone but especially so if you are a parent, […]

  • Get A Free Will Written For You

    If you want to be sure that what happens to your assets and your loved ones when you die is in line with your wishes, you need a will. If you don’t leave a valid will, where your money goes and who looks after your dependent children is determined by law and may be completely […]

  • How can I write a will – the different approaches

    how can i write a will

    After my previous article talking about what happens if you die without a Will, I have a guest post written by Tim Hewson from LegalWills.co.uk detailing the different approaches you can take if you are now wondering ‘how can I write my will’? Have a Will in place Most people know that they should have […]