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If you want to find out more about investing in a safe space where jargon is kept to a minimum, then you’ve found the right place.

I am hugely passionate about getting more people thinking about their money and ensuring that they are making good choices about what they do with their money. I know from the work I do as a money coach that so many people know that they ‘should’ be doing more with their money and investing, but they simply don’t know where to start.

So this has directed what and how I have chosen to write about investing on The Money Whisperer. Rather than go too deep, my content is aimed at the novice investor, the person who wants to dip their toes in and needs their hand held when it comes to understanding the jargon and how and why things are done.

Investing Basics Series

So if you are brand new, go and take a look around my series called called ‘Investing Basics’. In here, I explore topics which help frame an understanding of why investing is so important for our long-term financial health.

My aim is give you the kick up the bum that you need to make you decide to actually do it. Remember, you can learn as you go. It’s important to take that first step and get started.

Start with this post which explains why inflation is eating your savings, and how investing could help.

Investing: A Woman’s Perspective

I also have a series called ‘Investing: A Woman’s Perspective‘ in which I interviewed women at all stages of their investment journey, asking them questions around:

  • why they started investing
  • what tools they used to understand investing before they got started
  • what they invest in
  • how they decide how often to invest
  • how much they invest

Dive in and have a read; you’ll soon find that most of these people were just like you at some stage.

Talking investing in the wider media

My passion for investing as a topic has seen me:

Do go and check these out for additional learning.

And please do drop me an email to [email protected] if you have any specific areas to do with investing which you would like to see on here.