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  • Food Thrift : How to save money on your food budget

    This is a fabulous guest article written by Yuki Solle, founder of Cultivate Life, a lifestyle blog that writes about Healthy eating, Eco living and Money saving topics.  Growing up in a family of 7 meant that I grew up in a very thrifty household when it came to food, and most of it was […]

  • #FoodBankAdvent – Charitable Giving Over Christmas


    As soon as the Halloween decorations go back up to the loft in our house, I know that I can start thinking about Christmas soon. Don’t shout me down just yet – each to their own! I am just a huge Christmas-time lover; I love the build-up and the magic of the festive season…. This […]

  • 3 Resources To Teach Children About Money

    3 Resources To Teach Children About Money

    Hands up if being a homeschooler was never on your radar? Yes, I think that’s most of us! The reality we are all finding ourselves immersed in is something I think we never thought we would ever happen in a million years. Juggling work, adapting to new technology, entertaining our children and keeping things as […]

  • What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

    what happens if i die without a will

    Death and writing a will are not things I think about on a regular basis. Luckily. But it amazes me when I read requests for will writing recommendations on parenting forums. Mainly because these requests appear frequently. If you are a parent, well if you are anyone but especially so if you are a parent, […]