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  • Should I write life insurance in to trust?

    Writing will in to trust

    Should you write life insurance in to trust? Ensuring your family’s financial future is something important to plan for. Arranging your life insurance in the best possible way to maximise the benefits for those you leave behind is a vital consideration. I briefly mentioned writing a life insurance policy in to trust in my post […]

  • Do I need life insurance?

    Life insurance for parents

    I had a bit of a health scare earlier in the year. The first time I dropped down unconscious in the middle of the night in the bathroom and then again in the morning, after a day of tests in hospital they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I was cleared of having had a […]

  • How can I write a will – the different approaches

    how can i write a will

    After my previous article talking about what happens if you die without a Will, I have a guest post written by Tim Hewson from detailing the different approaches you can take if you are now wondering ‘how can I write my will’? Have a Will in place Most people know that they should have […]

  • Pocket Money App : Rooster Money Review

    Digital piggy bank Rooster Money - a pocket money app for children

    We love digital pocket money app Rooster Money Our girls set up a McDonalds shop last weekend whilst we were doing a BBQ; they wanted to sell the burgers to us for coins for their piggy bank! The menu and price list were pinned to a chair and they had set up the counter, when […]

  • The lie that is ’30 hours free childcare’

    30 hours free

    The last few months in the childcare sector have been dominated by the words ’30 hours free childcare’. Across the country, the ‘dirty 30’, as it has been nicknamed by those of us in the industry, has caused countless sleepless nights for many. It has necessitated an overhaul of offerings across the board from childminders […]

  • Young Entrepreneurs From A Child’s Dream To Business Reality

    Socky Wocky socks

    I was so angry last week to read the story about the five year old girl who was fined £150 for running a stall selling homemade lemonade to festival goers. I understand the whole trading without a permit restrictions but it is a sorry state of affairs when a FIVE YEAR OLD child’s entrepreneurial spirit is […]