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  • WIN : Silly Monkeys game to teach children about money

    silly monkeys game

    I’ve spent some time over the Christmas holidays writing my chapter for a book which is being launched on International Women’s Day in March. To say I am excited about its impact is an understatement! It is a collection of reflections by a group of women looking back at what we wish we had known […]

  • experiences : iFly indoor sky diving REVIEW

    ifly review

    Do you struggle with what to buy your loved ones as gifts? I’ve used a Christmas planner for the last few years which helps me remember what I bought people in previous years so I don’t duplicate. I still struggle with inspiration sometimes though. As I get older and wiser, I’m a big believer that […]

  • Tax-Free Childcare – Everything You Need To Know

    Tax-Free Childcare - Everything You Need To Know

    Childcare isn’t cheap. End of. Working parents know the pain of forking out a huge amount of their take home salary on nursery fees, or childminders for wrap-around school care, or school holiday activity clubs. Good news is here though – more financial assistance is available for the vast majority of working parents, including the […]

  • Unmarried couples and parents – do you need a cohabitation agreement?


    Society has changed. Cohabiting couples have become the fastest growing family type in the UK, doubling from 1.5m families in 1996 to 3.3m families in 2017. I’ve got many friends living as unmarried couples/families for various reasons. For some, previous divorce has put them off marrying again. For others, financial constraints mean they can’t simply […]

  • Free Days Out With A Blue Peter Badge – An Unexpected Bonus

    Free entry to attractions with blue peter badge

    Special post has arrived for my 6 year old and it contains…. a Blue Peter badge! A Blue Peter badge is a special award given to young Blue Peter viewers for either appearing on the TV show, or in recognition of achievement. It allows them free entry into over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions around the […]