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  • How To Make Money From An Unwanted Property Investment

      This is a collaborative post.  Unwanted property you say? If you have inherited property and never intended on becoming a land or property magnate, you may not have the first clue how to proceed. Never mind turning a profit; you just want to eliminate the impending stress involved with your new accidental landlord status. It’s […]

  • 4 Smart Ways To Achieve Financial Freedom

    This is a collaborative post. Investopedia describes financial freedom as building solid savings and investments, as well as having enough cash to support the lifestyle we fancy for ourselves and our families. While this sounds practically like the life we are all out there trying to live, why is there the apparent struggle during retirement? […]

  • How to buy diamonds

    This is a collaborative article. Buying jewellery can sometimes be a good investment if you can buy something that will hold it’s value. Diamonds have been a classic investment piece, but are they still worth buying? In 2017, the Pink Star became the most expensive diamond ever sold, at the whopping price of $71million. However, […]

  • Win a £100 M&S hamper of your choice

    It’s been such a strange few months, hasn’t it? The last few weeks of summer holidays have felt the most normal and sometimes I even forget that we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Anyone else feel the same? I was talking with friends this weekend about the impending return to school and […]

  • Big Financial Issues Couples May Need to Confront

    This is a collaborative post. Money can spark huge issues in relationships. In fact, financial problems are a leading cause of arguments, breakups, and divorces. Finances are a contentious issue, especially when two people have fundamentally different ways of viewing and managing money. When a couple starts to make things more serious or decides to […]

  • Should You Consider Moving to a Retirement Village?

    Many of us spend our entire lives planning ahead and saving for retirement. After all, the last thing we want to worry about is our financial situation when we reach our golden years. However, there’s a lot more to retirement than just money. What about support? How will you get help when you need it? […]