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  • Hit The Goldmine With These Business Ideas

    This is a collaborative post.  It’s true to say that the coronavirus pandemic is taking the whole world for a ride and that includes the economy. How can we predict the economic outlook for 2020? While there are those hopeful that things will rebound, it’s not looking good for a V shaped recovery. It seems […]

  • What To Do When Your Credit Score Isn’t As High As You’d Like

    This is a collaborative post. A low credit score can give you less control with your money. Landlords, lenders, insurers and even phone contractors may reject you if your credit score is low. Nowadays, you can use credit report apps to find out your credit score. While these apps can be useful, they don’t tell […]

  • The Quirkier Side Of Making Money

    This is a collaborative post. When we talk about ‘investing’, it may bring to mind ISAs, high-interest savings accounts or speculating in stocks and shares. However, there are some quirkier ways to invest your cash. This doesn’t mean taking ridiculous risks and purchasing bitcoin or another virtual currency. You can still spread your risk across […]

  • Why It’s Better To Renovate Than Relocate

      This is a collaborative post. Relocating is typically part of the deal when you’re on the property ladder. For starters, most first-time buyers only have enough money for a beginner property, and you don’t want to live there forever. Then, your family expands and forces you to invest in real estate with more floor […]

  • Could Your Business Cope With Running A Team?

    Your business has come to the point that requires a team to get involved; you can’t manage things on your own anymore, and you need people in the right places with the right skills to keep your business turning over. But maybe you’re not feeling ready to start up a team of your own? Maybe […]

  • Reasons To Rent a Storage Unit For Your Business

    Most business owners are constantly searching for ways to reduce costs. Reducing the size of your business premises and opting instead for storage units could be a solution. However, if you are not entirely sure how a storage unit can be beneficial for your business, you should assess the following reasons to rent a unit. […]