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What a week! I am tired and ready for a glass of wine tonight. My husband has been away – I am thankful that he is back and the pressure is off on solo parenting! It’s tiring!

Here’s my round up on my 5 frugal things I’ve done this week:

  • I’ve got a girl’s weekend away coming up to Majorca which is super exciting. Last year we went to Barcelona and added a piece of hold luggage between us to our flight booking. We put all of our shoes, toiletries, hair driers and hair straighteners etc in there. This year we just have cabin baggage so we’re going to need to be more ruthless with the packing! I love these DoddleBags which I am using for my toiletries. They are really easy to decant in to and seal up again, easy to clean (dishwasher or by hand) and have cute colourful labels which you can do yourself. They can be used for anything from suncream through to shampoo. With a 100ml marker so I don’t overfill and see through packaging, I’ll be breezing through security at the airport! So much cheaper than buying mini bottles.


  • We invested in a National Trust membership for our little family. I signed up through and got a £15 Amazon credit which is the equivalent of 1.5 months free. We love adventures and have lots of UK trips planned this year so we’re looking forward to visiting lots of properties. Do let me know if you have any favourites that we shouldn’t miss!

vouchercodes saving rewards


  • It’s lambing season so we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine last weekend and visit a farm. We actually used our NT membership to visit Home Farm on the Wimpole Estate so it was essentially a free day out as we already have paid membership. It’s such a great farm – lots of petting opportunities, the noisiest pigs you have ever heard at feeding time and a great café and adventure playground. An amazing day out.

Lambing sign at Wimpole Home Farm


  • This week the Metro featured a great tip for parents all over the country. Orchard Toys will replace up to three lost game pieces for each customer each year, for free – see here for details. One of my girls’ favourite games has always been the Where’s My Cupcake game. We lost a chocolate cupcake years and years ago – I have got the game out and am going to double check if any other pieces are missing before I write off to ask for a replacement. Such a great offering by Orchard – however careful we are with games and puzzles, it is a shame when a piece does get lost. This service means the whole game doesn’t need to be thrown away.

Orchard Toys will replace missing parts


  • Lastly, I wrote a couple of weeks ago about setting up a pension for children. The numbers in this article and the simple power of leaving money invested over a long period and how that money can grow is so powerful. Someone said to me ‘I could lose £1 down the sofa each day’; I have been really thinking about this each day. It’s been quite fun watching what I spend money on and seeing how easily I could find £1 (well £2 as I have two children) each day to put aside for them. This week instead of buying my usual branded cleaning products, I opted for the Tesco version for bleach, hand soap and washing up liquid. Easy savings and I can’t tell the difference. Could you save £1 a day?


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