Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the jargon used in the financial industry? Does this simply put you off making important decisions for fear of doing something wrong?  

Do you feel stressed out with managing your household budget? You want to have more left over for the fun stuff in life but never seem to get a grip with where all your money actually goes. 

Don’t know how to save easily and effectively? Want to learn how to invest? Do you want to make your money really work for you and GROW but you don’t know where to start with savings and investments products? 

What if you could...

  • Uncover why you have the attitude to money that you have - learn your 'money story'
  • Learn how your money personality impacts your behaviour
  • Learn to implement good money habits through practical not theoretical guidance
  • Understand all that financial jargon in simple terms
  • Take the emotion out of dealing with your money and become intentional
  • Teach your children and give them a real head start in life

how you can learn with me

browse the blog

Have a browse through our award-winning blog which contains articles on everything from building an emergency fund to children's pensions.

1:1 Coaching

Explore your personal money story with me. Working together, we will build your confidence in the areas which you want to master.

Group membership

Improve your relationship with money collaboratively in a supportive environment with monthly expert training and ongoing accountability.

“I cannot thank Emma enough. We were told a couple of years ago that we couldn’t get a new mortgage due to our poor credit rating by an estate agent mortgage advisor. After seeing her blog, I used Nuvo and got an Agreement In Principle which got the ball rolling for us. Today we have completed on our dream home and move next week. I am so excited to start making memories in our forever home”. 


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