money personality quiz

Are you ready to crack your unique money code?


Are you ready to find out about YOUR money personality??

The assessment should take you about 8 minutes to complete.

Answer each of the statements based on your level of agreement with it (strongly disagree to strongly agree).

Move through the quiz quickly, but as you answer, think of the totality of your life experience. For example, at one time you were told tomatoes were a vegetable, and later you learned tomatoes were a fruit.  Your knowledge/experience of tomatoes changed over time.  If you came across the statement “Tomatoes are a fruit,” you would provide an answer based on your weighted life experience, not just your current knowledge.

Do not answer based on what you would like things to be or what you think you should answer. Take this opportunity to be fiercely truthful with yourself.  Remember, first thought, best thought!


Assessment courtesy of Kendall SummerHawk. Copyright Heart of Success, Inc. All rights reserved Sacred Money Archetypes ®

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