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Buying the right sort of tyres for your car is not simply about compatibility and roadworthiness – it is about saving money, too. If you buy tyres which fit but which are not perfect for your vehicle, then you can be throwing money down the drain. Few drivers don’t worry about the expenses associated with motoring but not enough of them pay sufficient attention to the importance of tyres. What do you need to know?

Part-Worn Tyres Are Not a Bargain

If you buy second-hand tyres, then there is nothing to say that they won’t perform well. They are legal in the whole of the UK, so long as they are in a fair condition that means they are safe and have sufficient tread. The problem is that you have no idea how long they will last. Part-worn tyres can only last a few hundred miles in the worst cases so it is often more cost-effective to buy new ones.

Choose a Reputable Local Tyre Dealer

Wherever you live, you should buy from a good dealership. This is because reputable ones will often pass on promotional savings to their customers, a big plus point compared to operators who never get such deals from tyre makers. In Scotland, in areas like Dundee and Fife, for example, there are some tyre shops which only stock one or two tyre brands. Look for a dealership where you can reserve your preferred products in advance online and have them ready for you when you turn up for a fitting. You can book tyres easily in Dundee at Fife Autocentre.

Buy Premium Brands

Budget brands are often the cheapest option but they sometimes don’t perform as well as premium ones. Look for any special offers and buy the highest quality you can. Not only will the tyres probably last longer before they need to be replaced but your fuel efficiency should improve, making your running costs drop overall.