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Purchasing a house is expensive however you look at it. So much so that it’s likely the most costly enterprise you ever embark on. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that most of us attempt to save where we can on the process. We’re all guilty of cutting a few home move corners to bring those expense down a bit.

In truth, though, cutting corners can be costly when it comes to an expense as significant as this. In fact, there are some expenditures which can save you money. Sure, it sounds strange. Why would you spend money to save it? But, bear with us. Let’s look a few of the extra costs you could do with embarking on.


Before you pay any money for a house, it’s essential you turn to a company like Allcott Associates Chartered Surveyors. Such companies will do a complete check of any property and give you an accurate idea of condition. If there are costly issues which need addressing, you’ll be in the best position to reduce your offer. And, the money you knock off the price will go towards paying for those repairs.

Admittedly, you won’t save anything in the long run. But covering your bases here ensures you don’t pay over the odds for a house which will cost a fortune to repair down the line. In some cases, a survey can be so bleak that the house is off the cards altogether. That’s heartbreaking for sure, but you’ll save yourself a fortune by walking away at the right time. Of course, the survey itself will cost you a small fee. But, think of the money you’d end up spending without it.

The removal company

Removal man

If you’re lucky enough to have a large vehicle on hand, you may be tempted to do away with a removal company. After all, removal of a four-bedroom house can cost up to £1250. Do the expenses never end? In truth, though, you may have to bite the bullet and get on with this.

This is especially the case if you have a lot of valuable furniture. Removal companies are trained in taking care of expensive pieces. Your family friend with a van, however, may not be quite as careful. So if you don’t want to end up paying out for replacing broken furniture, do it properly!

Necessary improvements


You’re in the house, and you’ve spent enough. Things are staying as they are for the time being. Or, are they? You may want to think again about shutting up those purse strings. In truth, making necessary improvements from the off could save you down the line. Start your homeowner journey as you mean to go on. Replace single pane windows with double glazing. Reseal the frames to stop heat from escaping. All of these steps will save you significant money when your bills roll around. Over time, you’ll save a hell of a lot more than you’ve spent here.

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