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When it comes to house shopping, this is pretty much the biggest shopping trip you could ever make. You’re going to be looking for a house to live in – potentially for the rest of your life. You don’t have to wait until a sales day to be able to buy a house, but there’s nothing wrong with shopping around for the best possible deal that you can find. When you consider that you may shop around in thrift stores and on Facebook Marketplace for your furniture, you need to look at where you can save yourself thousands of dollars in interest and fees!

Trying to find the right investment for a house usually means checking out how a mortgage broker can help you. They know the market like no one else out there and this can make a huge difference to the way that you shop for your house. If you are trying to find cheaper houses to view and buy, then check out these three ways to get a great deal on a house.

Look At MLS Listings. MLS sellers are usually happy to make a deal on a house and if you’re in the post-buying season, they need to move these homes along and are far more likely to offer you a great deal on a house. If sellers have dropped their prices, it means that you can offer a lower asking price, as it’s likely that they haven’t received any offers. You could also try to look at neighborhoods that are a little further out to see how you can save some money.

Off-Market Homes. Check out your current network of friends, colleagues and families. If you catch wind that any of your friends and family are about to sell a home, put out feelers to ask them where and how much! Homes that don’t make it to the market yet are still for sale, and sometimes you can make an offer on a house before it even gets out that they are going to be sold. It’s a great way to find a deal, too, as you can save on fees for these homes.

Short-Sale Homes. Did you know that there are short-sale homes available that are on their way to foreclosure? Choosing one of these houses is a surefire way to find a good deal, as they are trying to get them off the market and sold as quickly as possible.

You can find plenty of deals on houses that are up for sale and even houses that have not become publicly listed yet. All you need is the right amount of research, the right broker and a good amount of gumption to go out and find the right property for you. Take the time to hunt for the right house, and you’ll be buying your first home at a steal in no time at all! Try these tips first and if all else fails, throw a dart at a property listening and go from there.