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  • Women are better than men in most things… including this!

    women are better than men at investing

    When I started The Money Whisperer, I decided I didn’t want to write just for women because money matters are relevant to everyone. We are a modern household and I see everything from household expenses through to investment choices as decisions we are both involved in. For me, money is genderless. However, since immersing myself […]

  • 6 Tips To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

    Typewriter - freelance writing

    Today’s article is a wonderfully written guest piece on tips to make money as a freelance writer, from Ruth Hinds who blogs at Ruth has been self-employed for over seven years, and loves helping people to create online income streams so they can ditch their jobs for good, or even just earn enough cash to pay […]

  • Make money from your spare room with the Rent a Room scheme

    A bedroom - renting out your spare room with rent a room scheme

    When I was growing up, some good friends of ours always had lodgers in their home as we lived near a university. Mature students kept themselves to themselves and were always gone for the holidays when the children were off school. It was a win, win situation! Have you ever thought about renting out your […]

  • Thank you 2017 and welcome to 2018 – the year of opportunity


    Starting The Money Whisperer has been the greatest roller coaster and definitely my proudest achievement for 2017. What started as a hobby has opened so many doors and got so many people motivated which is exactly what I wanted to achieve from it. What better way to finish the year than to take a look […]