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How many times have you bought something at full price only for a well meaning friend or family member to tell you that you could have used a voucher code they know about to get money off? Frustrating hey?! This is usually me! I have various voucher code websites bookmarked so I can always check for a code if we are out for a meal or buying something online; it’s an extremely rare occasion when I don’t use one! But it can take some time to trawl through voucher code websites to find a valid code and then it’s even more frustrating to find out it has expired.

Pouch is the new kid on the block set to change the frustration of voucher code searching! Did you see the first episode of Dragon’s Den this series which they were on? The founders were given five offers from ALL of the Dragons; only the second time this has ever happened! It’s that good!

What is Pouch?

Pouch is a web browser extension which automatically finds the best voucher codes as you are browsing online. It works on Safari, Chrome and Firefox and will be launching on mobile early in 2018.

Once downloaded, the Pouch icon sits in the top right-hand corner of your browser.

As Pouch is a plugin, you don’t actively search on the website for deals; instead relevant deals pop up when you’re browsing for a particular product.

How it works

To get started, click the “Add To Browser” button here to install Pouch, and you can start saving money straight away!

  • Head to the online store that you want to buy from.
  • Once you click onto that store, if a voucher code is available, a small pop-up notification will appear at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • When you click the notification, a drop-down list will appear which displays all of the available offers for that retailer.
  • Just click on the deal you want to use and the voucher will be automatically copy.
  • You can then paste the discount code box at the checkout and it applies your discount automatically.

Pouch works on over 3000 websites in the UK. Once downloaded you will never have to use a voucher code website again. Say what?! And the Pouch team say that using it can save you around 10% on everything you buy online.

With Black Friday/Cyber Week nearly upon us (Black Friday is 24th November this year), Pouch is gearing up to help consumers get the very best deals. And they’ve got a couple of exciting announcements…

Facebook Messenger Bot

  • Launched a few days ago, Pouch have a messenger bot which sends alerts for Black Friday deals as and when they come in.
  • Many retailers have deals launching from Monday 20th November but they have found some retailers are dropping deals already. Sign up for the bot in two clicks and never miss a Black Friday deal again!

  • Once Black Friday is over Pouch will keep people up to date with Cyber week deals until the end of November.
  • You can easily opt out of the bot, by just sending ‘stop’.

Pouch Black Friday Cheat sheet

On Black Friday itself, Pouch will be launching their Black Friday Cheat Sheet. Pouch has connections with all major retailers in the UK and are already hearing about deals that are going to be dropped, they just can’t tell anyone! They have a team of people who will be adding deals on the lead up and throughout Black Friday and into Cyber week and aiming to have the most comprehensive deals list for UK retailers.

You will be able to filter deals by brand and industry (electricals, homeware, fashion etc.).

Once the cheat sheet is live, the messenger bot will let everyone know so get signed up now!

Should I download it?

Pouch is a super handy tool if you are an avid internet shopper like me. The pop-up notifications are obvious but not intrusive and so much easier than switching tabs to search for voucher codes, saving you time.

It all depends on what discounts are being offered at the time though. But with Black Friday coming up, there’s going to be plenty….