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Most business owners are constantly searching for ways to reduce costs. Reducing the size of your business premises and opting instead for storage units could be a solution. However, if you are not entirely sure how a storage unit can be beneficial for your business, you should assess the following reasons to rent a unit.

Storing Documents

Businesses are required by law to hold onto documents for a certain amount of years before they can be destroyed. This can become a problem when you find yourself with an entire room filled with nothing but boxes of documents.

Considering the cost of rent on business premises, isn’t there a case to make better use of that space? Therefore, it would be beneficial to your business expenses to either make better use of such a room or opt for smaller premises and rather rent a storage unit with a company like Safestore for documents. 

Declutter Offices

If your offices seem a bit cluttered and you and your staff feel you need more space, it would be far more cost-efficient to rent a storage unit for items which aren’t needed day to day, rather than rent a larger office space.

Firstly, you will be able to declutter your business in the process of moving things. You then only store items you need to keep, holding onto them until you are certain your business does not need them.

Short-Term Storage When Moving Premises

In the event that you have weighed out the pros and cons and decided that moving business premises is plausible, a storage unit can ease the challenging process.

By renting a unit to assist with the move, you will be able to start moving gradually and keep your business functioning right through the move. This means you shouldn’t lose as much productivity as you would if you halt business functions over the moving period.

You may also be able to establish business items that are no longer needed by evaluating which items are moved last. Some storage unit services offer short-term solutions that will allow you to rent a unit for as little as seven days, which is perfect for a business move.

Storing Extra Stock

Many businesses have the issue of producing too much stock from time to time and unless your stock is perishable, it can be extremely costly to throw it out. Therefore, a storage unit will allow you to store this extra stock until you are able to find use from it that will enable profits rather than loss. 

There are so many varying uses for storage units and when considering the cost of such rentals are significantly lower than renting larger premises, it could be a money-savvy move to opt for this storage solution. However, you should always determine if the storage unit boasts cameras as well as heightened security and flexible leasing contracts.

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