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Your business has come to the point that requires a team to get involved; you can’t manage things on your own anymore, and you need people in the right places with the right skills to keep your business turning over. But maybe you’re not feeling ready to start up a team of your own? Maybe you’re not feeling like you could be in charge 24/7, because you’re not just ready for such a shift in your little career world? 

The business world brings a lot of changes with it; you’re going to need more space one day, you’re going to need more inventory, you’re going to need a better website for customers to use, etc. However, becoming a manager for the very first time is going to be one of the biggest shifts you’ll ever have to cope with. 

But don’t worry yourself too much – of course, it’s going to be a big change that’ll take some getting used to, but it’s certainly something you can do! So, if you’re about to become a boss for the first time, and you want to be a good manager from day one, make sure you keep the tips below in mind as you go on your journey. 

You might have a team on your hands soon – how well are you going to cope with running them? 

You’ll Need to Adjust

You’re a boss now, you’ve got people to manage, and you need some time and the right resources on your side to adjust to this fact. You’ll need time to ensure you’ve got the right mindset for the job you need to do now – you could have spent years working off of your own back, and now you’ve got more than one brain working together to ensure you have the next step for your advertising program just right, or your next product innovation will go as smoothly as possible. 

This can be a lot to get used to! After all, you’ve got more than your own ideas to make use of, and it can be hard to ensure you give everyone the time to voice their opinions and take them into account. Don’t worry if this takes you more than a week or two to adjust to; you’re not on a time limit to create relationships with those in your office. You’ve got the time to work with your new time, and you’ve got the time to ensure you all rub along just fine. 

You’ll Need a Plan

One of the main things you need to think about right now is the fact that you’ll need a plan. You’ll need to know who is coming in, when they’re coming in, what they’re doing and how long for, and what your role in the entire proceedings will be. It’s good to have a framework for the beginning period – after a couple of months or so, you’re going to feel a lot better about your plans for the workdays, and people will fall into the routine naturally too. 

It can be hard to work out who needs to be in on what day, and project management is something you need to learn how to do efficiently. After all, plenty of software programs have come out to ensure you have a framework to work off of, that can allow you to keep an eye on your team’s progress as they work, and everyone can pitch in to talk and update each other. 

Indeed, this can be a huge boon to your business when you’re in the early stages of becoming a manager. Other programs can include platforms like Sling employee scheduling, to ensure you have a template to make use of when you’ve got at least 5 or so people to coordinate. After all, when you’ve got something to base your own personalised plan for management off of, you’ll find it a lot easier to adjust to your new position. 

You’ll Need an Open Mind

Following on from the point above, you’re going to need an open mind on your side. You’re going to need to be able to listen to your new employees, as you’re supposed to be working as a team. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and you can’t be the one person in the team who is dragging productivity and focus down with you. And thankfully, keeping an open mind and being open to any and all suggestions will ensure you’re never closing off and withdrawing from the people who need your input most. 

You’ve got a responsibility now, as a manager, and that needs to be taken seriously. Sure, it might be taking a while for you to adjust to all of this authority, and ensuring you’re not over or underusing it in places, but it’s important you stay aware of just how much more effort needs to be put into your position. And one of the best ways to ensure you’re taking things seriously is to listen as much as possible, because it ensures you’re always open and learning. 

Make sure you talk to your team about your desire to hear their thoughts and opinions, and make sure you always open the floor to input whenever a meeting is held. Make sure you come across as someone reasonable, who knows what’s important when it comes to running the team, and that you’re willing to put all of these management factors first. 

You’ll Need More Focus Than Ever

Focus is something that running a business demands, above all else. You can’t be at the helm of the ship without knowing it’s important to you, and that it requires a lot of time and energy from you. If you took your current company from a simple side hustle to something more, you know exactly how much it took out of you to ensure that this move was a good and healthy idea for your business plans! 

And when the time comes to bring more people into your business; when the time comes to ensure you have as many skilled and talented employees at the helm with you, you’re going to need just as much focus as you did when your company became a full reality. You need to be able to look at your new workers, and understand them in deep and complete ways. You need to have an eye for talent, and to be able to put someone else’s skills to good use for your company’s benefit. 

You’re not just here to be liked, as a manager. You’re here to lead, and being able to proportion yourself in the right way requires your undivided attention, especially if you’re worried about such a shift. All in all, being an effective leader, and making sure that your new business can survive with more than you behind the scenes, means you need to be more honed in than ever. 

You Ready to Lead a Team? 

A lot of people would say yes, but a lot of people would also say no to this question. Because leading a team is responsibility personified – you have to be a good and effective leader, to ensure your plans go off without a hitch, and there’s a lot of factors involved in this. 

Make sure you keep the above tips in mind when you’re trying to adjust to your new position. You need to be in charge, but you need to be open, and you need time. 

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