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Relocating is typically part of the deal when you’re on the property ladder. For starters, most first-time buyers only have enough money for a beginner property, and you don’t want to live there forever. Then, your family expands and forces you to invest in real estate with more floor space. 

Finally, there’s the boredom factor. Sometimes, moving will seem like the right thing to do because your surroundings get a little stale.

All of these factors contribute to the average person moving up to ten times in a lifetime. Yes, there’s no way around relocating. 

But, what if you could focus on renovating instead and forget about moving? You can, and here’s why.

You Can Customise Your House

Okay, your current property may not have all the elements of a dream home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add them. Contractors will happily help you customise your interiors so that they reflect the image in your head. Among other things, it’s less hassle and stress. Moving properties involves lots of admin work that is painstaking dull. A renovation may force you into a hotel for a couple of months, yet that’s not a biggie. It’s not ideal, but you won’t lose your mind any time soon like you would if you had to relocate!

And It’s Cheaper

Of course, time and energy are important, but they aren’t necessarily as front of mind as your bank balance. Moving home is a costly process that could set you back hundreds of thousands of pounds, depending on your location. Then, there’s potentially up to another £10k in logistics.

Renovating, on the other hand, could be substantially cheaper. The savings from opting to renovate could be huge compared to upping sticks and leaving the area. The ability to customise your home for less is something that all homeowners appreciate.

Renovating Is Eco-Friendly

An environmentally-friendly property is ideal for two reasons: it saves the planet and cuts costs. When your home has a smaller carbon footprint, it does both of these things effectively. Thankfully, sustainable architects are on hand to adapt your property so that there is no need to move anywhere. Whether it’s extending period homes or refurbishing houses so that they don’t become inhospitable, you can hire their services for several reasons. Moving, however, involves regular trips back and forth, as well as lots of petrol. Plus, there’s no guarantee your new home will be sustainable enough to help the planet and save you money.

Your Home Is Familiar

Familiarity is essential. Many families move properties only to find that it’s a mistake. Talk about a waste of resources! Also, it can have a huge impact on your children who are separated from their friends. So, aside from the financial implications of choosing the wrong home, you could have to endure the emotional upheaval of relocating too. 

Doesn’t it sound easier to hire a builder and let them do the hard work while you stay put?