• I’m A Multi-Award Winning Personal Finance Blogger!

    emma maslin shomos

    Multi-award winning personal finance blogger. That’s my new title. Whaaaaaat? At the UK Money Blogger’s Annual Awards in London last weekend, I won two awards; Best Personal Finance blog and Best Family & Money blog. To say I was shocked is an understatement! Being shortlisted in the final 6 was an achievement in itself and […]

  • Young Entrepreneurs From A Child’s Dream To Business Reality

    Socky Wocky socks

    I was so angry last week to read the story about the five year old girl who was fined £150 for running a stall selling homemade lemonade to festival goers. I understand the whole trading without a permit restrictions but it is a sorry state of affairs when a FIVE YEAR OLD child’s entrepreneurial spirit is […]