• ‘Shop Small’, Support Local Retailers And Benefit From Money Back

    shop small

    Today is Small Business Saturday. Launched in 2010, it has grown from a grass-roots campaign encouraging consumers to ‘shop local’, into an annual event that has reached millions and raises awareness of the crucial importance of small businesses. What started as a single day in the US in 2011 has grown in to a great success story. […]

  • The new parent’s guide to budgeting

    The new parent's guide to budgeting feature image

    With parents facing bills approaching £230,000 to raise just one child to the age of 21, budgeting is something you’d be wise to think about from the early days. The word “budget” evokes in many a feeling of fear as they just don’t know where to begin, especially with so much to buy in the […]

  • Want free shopping? Try my Zeek hack

    Free shopping bags

      **Please note that since writing this article, Zeek is no longer in business** I use Zeek, the gift voucher marketplace, to get the most out of the places I shop at regularly. I also visit to see what’s on offer when I have a big purchase to make. The concept behind Zeek is so […]

  • Cashback Websites: How I Saved £900 Last Year

    Cash back in to your hand

    Actively saving money isn’t necessarily easy for everyone, for many reasons. But everyone has to spend money and every time you buy ANYTHING, you could be saving yourself a nice little pot of cashback. To me, making every day purchases through cashback sites is a no-brainer for saving money each month, and if you are […]