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Whether you have been paying off a mortgage for your own home or you would like to spend less on your mortgage repayments for your rental property, there are a few effective ways that you can save significantly.

However, if you are yet to invest in a property, you can take measures to ensure your repayments will be as low as possible. Searching for the best deal can be done with handy platforms such as and you will be able to make use of extremely useful calculators for buy-to-let mortgage loans.

In addition to comparing deals and determining affordability, you can also save on monthly repayments by investing a larger deposit on the mortgage loan. Once you have secured your mortgage, you can consider the following effective methods of reducing your monthly payments.


You may be able to refinance your mortgage loan depending on the duration of the loan as well as the difference between your current interest rate and your potential new interest rate. As you will mainly be paying interest during the first few years of repayments, and principal only nearing the end of your mortgage debt, interest is a crucial factor. Therefore, the interest will make much less of an impact once you are nearing an end of the debt terms. The newer your mortgage is, the more you should consider refinancing to reduce your interest rate.

Lengthen Your Loan 

The more you stretch your loan out, the lower your repayments will cost on a monthly basis. Therefore, an effective method of reducing your monthly costs is to extend your loan terms. However, you should then also take into account that your interest would be stretched out and you will undoubtedly end up paying more over time. One way to reduce this possibility is to extend your loan significantly while overpaying each month. Your extra payments will ultimately reduce your interest in the process and help you pay your mortgage loan off much faster. 

Buy An Affordable Home And Make Improvements

You could also consider the financial benefits of buying a home that needs improvements and increase its value over time. You would be able to release equity on the property after a while and essentially own a great home for a small price. You could also rent your property out and ensure your rental cost covers the mortgage repayments while also providing you with significant profits.

There are several ways of finding suitable tenants through advertising your rental property. Buy-To-Let mortgage loans are more suitable than regular mortgage loans, which is why you should consider all the important factors and your intentions prior to applying for a mortgage. Reducing your monthly repayments can be done and one of the most effective methods of paying as little as possible is simply to buy a home at a bargain price and gradually enhance it with affordable home improvement projects. You will be able to lower asking prices through negotiations and house hunting with a realistic goal in mind.