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There are many reasons why you might want to sell your home. Maybe you want to downsize after the kids have moved out, or maybe the area isn’t what it once was. Whatever the reason, here are some things you should avoid when you are selling your home.


Letting Your Emotions Run Wild

Selling your house can be very emotional and it can be hard to keep them in check. However, you will need to put them aside to make sure you get the best possible price from buyers. This means you may need to paint the walls a more neutral tone, or put away some of your favourite ornaments to reduce clutter. Just remember, you are not throwing these things out, you can take them with you when you move. You just have to tidy up a bit for the sake of the buyers. Detach yourself a little in order to let other people see themselves living there.

Pricing Your Home Too High

As much as you might love your home, the price you want to sell it for might be too much. There have been many potential sales that have fallen through because the buyer has priced their home too high.

Sometimes, it might be better to accept the offer from cash house buyers rather than the house sitting on the market for months. If your house is sitting on the market for a while with no interest, you might need to bring the price down. Keep in mind, house prices go up and down, so if you were quoted a high figure a few years ago, that probably won’t apply now.

Selling in the Winter

There have been plenty of social science studies about this, so don’t just take our word, but there is a good time of the year to sell your house. During the winter months and the Christmas holidays, the housing market is very slow. The only way you will have any luck selling your house in the winter is if your house and area are very desirable, and well priced. The spring and summer months are the best time to list your house as you will get the most interest. Summer is also a great time to show off the garden, and people get a better idea of the neighbourhood.

Not Acknowledging Problems

As the homeowner, you will know all of the little kinks and flaws that are hidden under the surface. As tempting as it is to hide these issues, they are issues that may be discovered during a property survey, and they could affect the overall price that you get for the house. Be upfront and price accordingly, or fix the problem yourself. Remember, many people want a turnkey home and do not want to fix any issues when they move in. Sometimes you need to spend a little money to make a lot more money. If you have priced the house to sell, but nobody is interested because of a structural issue, you might have to fix it, but you can also up the price for the house too.