• Tax-Free Childcare – Everything You Need To Know

    Tax-Free Childcare - Everything You Need To Know

    Childcare isn’t cheap. End of. Working parents know the pain of forking out a huge amount of their take home salary on nursery fees, or childminders for wrap-around school care, or school holiday activity clubs. Good news is here though – more financial assistance is available for the vast majority of working parents, including the […]

  • How To Save On Holiday Childcare Costs For School Kids

    School is over - its the school holidays

    This Thursday will be my last day in my current part-time role at work. Instead of being a permanent employee on fixed hours, I will be contracting in a different role with the same company. Whilst contracting leaves me open to a variable work load and income, it does have a huge silver lining. I […]

  • Childcare Vouchers Scheme Is Closing : What Should You Do

    Nursery child building blocks

      When I decided to return to work, one of the biggest shocks was the cost of childcare. We have luckily benefited from Childcare Vouchers to help pay our nursery fees. Every bit of help working families get towards these often-substantial bills is welcomed. We are fortunate that we are signed up and will continue […]

  • Everything About 30 Hours Free Childcare

    two children playing at a nursery

    You child is approaching 3 years old and the rush is on. It’s the chatters of the mums and dads. Everyone is in a rush to get a nursery space for…. 30 hours FREE childcare! Get me my 30 hours funding, my free nursery hours! Where do I apply for free childcare?! Gimme, gimme, gimme […]