• Choosing a Conveyancer – How to Decide!

    Most house moves involve a big change in the circumstances of a persons life. There may be a new job, relocation, financial reasons, additions to the family, the need for a bigger or smaller place to live or any number of reasons that make people decide that they need to buy or sell. Lots of […]

  • Investing Basics : Is Inflation Eating Your Savings?

    is inflation eating your savings

    Inflation And Savings A few weeks ago I featured in an article in The Guardian titled ‘Why women need to stop saving their cash – and start investing’. It obviously resonated with so many women because I was inundated with people who had read the article contacting me. Every one of them told me they […]

  • Wait, How Much Is My Business Going To Cost?

    Have you read those articles online claiming that you can start a company with no money in your pocket at all? Were you enticed by this idea and did you immediately start planning what your business would be? If so, then you might have already taken significant strides towards building your company. But you have […]

  • Changes to workplace pension contributions: how do they affect me?

    Changes to workplace pension contributions: how do they affect me? I’ve been working hard this year producing content around retirement planning as I believe it’s something that really needs hammering home. Recent research from the Scottish Widows Women and Retirement report suggests that many women aren’t planning their pensions early enough, with a third of […]