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If you are struggling with what you want to do with your savings now you have hit your 30s, this is for you.

Investing in real estate is one option. Though investing in the real estate sector isn’t bound by anyone’s age, you must wait for the right time to dive in with sufficient savings; you’ll need the deposit and the initial set up fees with agency costs, certificates etc can be material. 

Real estate is a rampantly booming sector which is why a lot of people are taking an interest in it. However, when it comes to investing your savings, you need to be extra careful and a little more mindful when making each move.

Keep in mind, many successful people in the world have carved a good reputation for themselves at later stages in their life. So the next time somebody tells you it’s a bizarre idea, you better tell them off and follow your heart.

Following are some of the benefits of investing in real estate:

Rental Income

Monthly rental income is perhaps the first most concrete benefit of investing in this industry. You can either buy a separate property, or consider renting out a room in your own home.

If your house has a separate portion which can be rented out, you may need to devote some savings for its renovation so it can be presented in the market.

Once you furnish and advertise your property or room online, you should very soon be able to get tenants willing to pay good rental income every month. If you want to learn more about investing money for the sake of rental income, visit:

Long Term Financial Security

One of the primary benefits of investing in real estate is the steady cashflow, which is important for long term financial security.

Furthermore if you continue to renovate your property, the value of your property should continue to rise. With that said, there is no guarantee because the property market is always fluctuating. 

You can make your own decisions

The benefit of being a self-employed property investor is you can make your own decisions. Once you invest in real estate, you will be your own boss.

For instance if you invest your savings in buying a flat, the decision to rent it out or sell it again will entirely be your choice. So when you’re ready to put your flat on the market, you can determine your required rent and term etc, or the sale price if selling. The expansion of real estate investment as a career option has compelled a lot of investors to join the bandwagon, want to know more? Visit


If you have enough savings, have a fully funded emergency fund and am comfortable that your pension is adequately financed on an ongoing basis, considering real estate investment is something you could do.