• Can We ‘Retire’ Like We Used To?

    If there were a visual representation of ‘retirement’, what would it include? Happy pensioners exploring the world on cruise ships? Maybe trying their hand at new hobbies which they haven’t previously had time for? Spending more time with loved ones?  Can you picture your own lifestyle in retirement?  Given the travel restrictions of the last […]

  • 3 Essential Business Tools For The Self-Employed

    This is a paid post in collaboration with Superscript.  The Money Whisperer is 4 years old this month. If you’d have told me 4 years ago that I’d be on billboards across the country, including the largest digital screen in Europe at Waterloo station, and a national TV campaign, I think I would have laughed. […]

  • Options to Consider when Struggling Financially

    This is a collaborative post. One of the lasting effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the world is the massive toll it has had on individuals and businesses’ finances. During the multiple lockdowns imposed by governments globally, thousands of companies had to close up shop and wait their turn to open their doors again, […]

  • Ways to Boost Your Income Alongside A 9 to 5

    This is a paid collaboration with Zapper. In an age where 37% of people in the UK don’t feel that their salary is enough to support them, it’s fair to say that we’re on the brink of change. Unsurprisingly, this has led 25% of people to turn to a side hustle that allows them to […]

  • Food Thrift : How to save money on your food budget

    This is a fabulous guest article written by Yuki Solle, founder of Cultivate Life, a lifestyle blog that writes about Healthy eating, Eco living and Money saving topics.  Growing up in a family of 7 meant that I grew up in a very thrifty household when it came to food, and most of it was […]

  • Save Money on Your Next Vehicle Purchase

    This is a collaborative post. Purchasing a car can be a big investment, but you don’t need to spend over the odds. Instead of getting carried away and ending up blowing your budget, take the time to research your potential vehicle and take a savvy approach to buying a car.  For inspiration, take a look […]