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The internet is one of the greatest tech inventions in history. It has completely transformed our daily interactions and is something most of us use on a daily basis. Still, even avid users fail to make the most of it to its full extent when it comes to saving money.   

A little effort goes a long way, and you could save a lot of money each month by using online features to their full potential. Here are just 10 quick and easy ways to get more bang for your buck.

Image of pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of dollar bill

  • Start utilising voucher code sites and browser extensions. Vouchers can be used to save money on food or unlock time-sensitive special promotions on clothes and various other items. Getting my favourite brands at a reduced rate always gives me a buzz and I’m not sacrificing any comfort or sense of luxury. 
  • Find ways to boost your credit score. While this won’t necessarily save you money right away, this will put you in a far stronger position when completing purchases on credit. Also, when it comes to long-term aspirations such as mortgages and borrowing money for personal loans, the health of your credit score is vital.
  • Compare and then secure cheaper household bills. A huge proportion of people are apathetic when it comes to researching and switching to a cheaper tariff. Switching providers can cut the costs of energy, electricity, water, and even your internet package HUGELY. Find out what new customer promotions your current provider is offering and ask them to match these. If they won’t match, simply leave at the end of the term and go to a cheaper provider. Loyalty doesn’t pay!

  • Embrace buying used or unwanted items from other people. Whether it’s using eBay or Facebook’s marketplace, this can be a great way to reduce the costs of everything from furniture to home gym items or video games. In most cases, those items are just as good as if you bought them directly from a store, especially when you can find brand new items with tags still on. Similarly, selling your unneeded goods could actively generate a little income.
  • Use the internet to make savings relating to driving. Car ownership can be a significant expense, but checking online for cheap car insurance deals reduces the burden. When shopping for a new vehicle, weighing up the pros and cons of leasing can be rewarding too. Finally, you can use the internet to hook up with local people for shared journeys to further cut the costs.  

  • Stream home workout plans to cut the costs of getting fit. I love Joe Wicks on YouTube. Apart from the financial benefits, removing the need to sweat it out in front of a room of strangers can feel liberating. Even if you’re a serious fitness freak, online personal trainers can create personalised plans. This is often far more affordable than seeing a PT in person while the results can be equally amazing.   
  • Save on phone calls to friends and family by utilising video chat services like Skype. Rather than paying to speak to a loved one, you can actively interact face-to-face with them too. When you are talking to relatives or friends that live abroad regularly, the savings from using this technology are substantial compared to traditional phone calls. 
  • Stop getting charged for services you no longer use or subscriptions you don’t want. Going paperless and using automatic recurring payments keeps you in control with minimal effort. Meanwhile, online banking lets you keep a better eye on you financial situation. Those extra charges could be costing you hundreds of pounds each year. I love Bean which is a great tool for checking for unused subscriptions and unwanted direct debits. They then cancel them for you AND inform the provider that you are cancelling too – its a great service. 
  • Save money on home entertainment. Take a look at Netflix and Amazon to view your favourite programmes. Downloading books to a kindle and finding cheap e-newspaper subscriptions can bring big savings compared to traditional books and papers. On a separate note, you’ll be helping the planet too. Still, reduced monthly overheads on those daily items will leave more money for other luxury purchases.
  • Hear about great savings by joining various online forums. I have my own Facebook group aimed at sharing the best ways to manage family finances – Moneywise Mum. I’d love for you to join me over there. The tips gained from other money-conscious people will prove to be very valuable. From learning about schemes to learning simple tricks to reduce waste, those tricks can take your savings to the next level. After all, those habitual changes are often the greatest influences. It has to better than checking an old school pal’s latest social media updates! 


This is a collaborative post.