• Help! I Am An Accidental Landlord

    accidental landlord

    I have a post today on the rise of the ‘accidental landlord’ which has been written in collaboration with the guys at Property management is a subject close to my own heart; I have been doing a lot of it myself recently with a few new tenancies signed in the last two months, and I’m managing […]

  • ‘Investing : a woman’s perspective’ with Lesley Negus

    Welcome back to another post in my ‘Investing : a woman’s perspective’ series, where we talk women and investing. This week we have something a bit different – we are talking women property investors. To date on the series we have talked to women who hold investments mainly in the stock market through their pensions, ISAs and […]

  • Are You Cash Poor But Equity Rich?

    Equity release image

    For a lot of families, one thing that uses up a significant chunk of money each month is the mortgage. Owning your own home feels great, and is something that a lot of people aspire to and work hard to achieve. However, as you get older it can leave you in the position of being […]