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  • How you CAN survive financially during maternity leave

    survive maternity leave finances

    Maternity leave finances We’ve just had one of our team who was due to start back after maternity leave next Monday decide that she’s not coming back. I don’t blame her. I loved being with my babies and I was fortunate that from a money perspective, I didn’t have to go back to work. I […]

  • Fail Friday : 6 easy ways to keep to money new year’s resolutions

    The third Friday in January, known as ‘Fail Friday’ or ‘Quitter’s day’, is the day by which most New Year’s resolutions have been thrown out the window! The thing about healthy eating regimes or exercise goals is that you actually have to keep at them every day and people lose motivation quickly. By contrast, it’s […]

  • Why I am not having a smart meter fitted yet

    Why I am not having a smart meter fitted yet feature image

    The government wants energy suppliers to install smart meters in every home in England, Wales and Scotland. There are more than 26 million homes for the energy suppliers to get to, with the goal of every home having a smart meter by 2020. The new smart meters mean you won’t have to let your supplier […]

  • Should I write life insurance in to trust?

    Writing will in to trust

    Should you write life insurance in to trust? Ensuring your family’s financial future is something important to plan for. Arranging your life insurance in the best possible way to maximise the benefits for those you leave behind is a vital consideration. I briefly mentioned writing a life insurance policy in to trust in my post […]