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  • Money Management Tips For Newlyweds

    money management tips for newlyweds

    This is a collaborative post.  Managing your money can be tough enough when it’s just you. However, combining your finances with a spouse can be overwhelming. Don’t expect to get it all right straight away. The two of you will need to work a few things out and give yourself enough time to do so.  […]

  • Should You Buy Now, Pay Later?

    should you buy now pay later?

    Buy now, pay later – is this the new clever way to pay, or a sneaky debt trap? If you shop online then you have probably seen a rise in the buy now pay later schemes. Often when you check out you will be given an option to use a service such as Klarna to […]

  • How To Spot And Avoid A Scam : Enter Scam Man [AD]

    How to spot a scam

    Scams cause a great deal of misery for so many people each year. None of us are immune to potential scam approaches; even though we may think we know the scammer’s tricks, they are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and realistic.  Unfortunately, the scammers have not been reigned in at all by lockdown; they are as […]