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  • How To Spot And Avoid A Scam : Enter Scam Man [AD]

    How to spot a scam

    Scams cause a great deal of misery for so many people each year. None of us are immune to potential scam approaches; even though we may think we know the scammer’s tricks, they are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and realistic.  Unfortunately, the scammers have not been reigned in at all by lockdown; they are as […]

  • What Does A Financial Coach Do?

    What does a financial coach do?

    Financial coaching is becoming more widely acknowledged. Certainly since I have started working in this area, I have seen a steady increase in its popularity. This is great news as I believe that we as money coaches have the power to transform not only our immediate clients’ lives, but society in general, as a result […]

  • No Income And No Savings : What Should I Do To Survive?

    No Income And No Savings : What Should I Do To Survive?

    Yesterday I posted the graphic above on my Facebook and Instagram channels. The quadrants represent four possible situations you could be in right now with your finances. Income and savings Income but no savings No income but savings No income or savings I’m starting this short mini series tackling each of these quadrants in turn. […]