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  • Five Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week – 1st June

    Back to nature

    We’ve spent the week in North Norfolk. It’s our happy place; a place where we spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying our little family and the peace and tranquillity that comes with no phone signal. We haven’t paid for an activity for the girls all week. Given it’s half term, I think that’s a […]

  • How To Save On Holiday Childcare Costs For School Kids

    School is over - its the school holidays

    This Thursday will be my last day in my current part-time role at work. Instead of being a permanent employee on fixed hours, I will be contracting in a different role with the same company. Whilst contracting leaves me open to a variable work load and income, it does have a huge silver lining. I […]

  • Five Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week – 18th May

    Sensationail set and varnish

    Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married…… My daughter has been singing this for weeks in preparation for today. Her school are having a big garden party with scones, prosecco and a chocolate fountain to celebrate the royal wedding – with parents invited too. The whole school is singing some wedding themed songs […]

  • Save Money By Switching Energy Supplier AUTOMATICALLY Each Year

    Save money by switching your energy supplier automatically

    It’s almost a year since I last wrote about my experience of switching gas and electricity to a cheaper provider. At that time, I switched to a fixed tariff with npower which finishes at the end of this month. Compared to our car insurance comparison, which I battled through last week with gritted teeth, I […]

  • Don’t Break The Bank : Cheap City Breaks

    City breaks are all the rage at the moment. Cities are bustling and energetic, with plenty of free and cheap things to see and do. If you want to avoid expensive hotels and package holidays, it really is possible to do a short break in an affordable way.   But if you’ve never been on a city break […]