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  • Seasonal maintenance : winterisation check list

    radiator for bleeding as part of winter checklist

    The leaves are falling and the ground is covered in conkers. We’ve had our heating on for a few weeks now and whilst my husband is moaning it’s like a sauna, I am nice and toasty! Though there are many places in the home where heat can escape and cold air can enter, windows are […]

  • How to ski for less in the school holidays

    Family enjoying skiing

    A random fact which most people don’t know about me is that I ran a 5 star chalet for 15 people in the French Alps during my gap year. Meribel is a beautiful resort and although the work was hard – cleaning 8 bathrooms and making 15 beds with hospital corners every day – I […]

  • The cheapest way to get foreign currency – swap your money

    Weswap banner image

    Do you know the cheapest way to get foreign currency? It’s no secret that we love to travel and with the winter nights drawing in, we are busy dreaming about our next holiday. Now the girls are bigger, we want to do our first family skiing trip – watch this space for the preparations and […]

  • Reduce your home insurance premium easily

    lower home insurance premium

    Easy ways to reduce your home insurance premium At the end of September we’ll have lived in our beautiful home for 5 years. So it’s the time of year for renewals of everything home related. TV license fee is due to go out soon, landline/broadband agreement and obviously home insurance needs renewing. We had a […]

  • Free car legal insurance you don’t need to pay for

    free car insurance logo

    When you take out any insurance policy, you get the quote for the basic insurance and then you are offered add-ons as extras. To be on the safe side, most people usually tick them, ‘just in case’…. But there is one motor/car insurance add-on which you really don’t need to pay for anymore because of […]