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  • Habito Review : a homeowner’s new best friend

    Habito digital mortgage broker - house on a calulator

    We’ve been homeowners now for almost five years. When we moved back to the UK from Australia in 2012 we promptly set about finding a place for our new little family to live. We bought during the post-crash property market and we’ve enjoyed rock bottom interest rate since we bought; I think we are the […]

  • Switching Made Simple With The uSwitch App

    uswitch QR scanner on iphone

    If you’ve ever found yourself putting off switching your energy and broadband providers, here’s some good news: It’s now easier than ever to compare and switch. The UK’s top switching site now has a double award winning app that can help you save up to £618 on your energy bills while also giving you access […]

  • Five Fabulously Frugal Things I Have Done This Week

    Five frugal things

    Since I have started blogging at The Money Whisperer I have been introduced to some really inspirational bloggers in the money and personal finance space. Each has a different background and route they have taken to becoming a blogger, and each one focuses on a particular niche with their own style. I can see from […]

  • Cashback Websites: How I Saved £900 Last Year

    Cash back in to your hand

    Actively saving money isn’t necessarily easy for everyone, for many reasons. But everyone has to spend money and every time you buy ANYTHING, you could be saving yourself a nice little pot of cashback. To me, making every day purchases through cashback sites is a no-brainer for saving money each month, and if you are […]